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Public Lecture in Yogatherapy

Dear friends!

I am pleased to invite you to the public lecture based on the materials of pilot studies made throughout 2013-2014 by the Ukrainian Institute of Yoga and Yoga-Therapy and the Ukrainian Federation of Yoga.

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Our objective was to study the way asanas and pranayamas of Yoga affect the organism of the practitioner, in particular, his cardiovascular system. 

In the course of our research work we were using the contemporary methods of: 

— Tonometry;

— ECG (electrocardiography);

— Doppler echocardiography;

— Rheography;

— Laser Doppler flowmetry.

In terms of the lecture we shall deliver the results and practical conclusions that may be interesting:

— for doctors;

— for those practicing Yoga;

— for instructors of fitness- and yoga-centers;

— for those interested in medicine, development, modern technologies.

The plan of the lecture:

  1. Asanas and pranayamas – the stress effect.
  2. The conditioning effect of asanas and pranayamas upon the cardiac conducting system. Rhythmogenesis, correction.
  3. The backbending asanas within the set of measures taken for the heart muscle strengthening. The lusitropic (relaxing) effect.
  4. Pranayamas and microvasculature: the effects and mechanisms.
  5. Asanas, pranayamas and regional blood flow. The correction of vascular tone.
  6. The algorithm of effective practice in Yoga and Yoga-therapy.


The lecture is delivered by:

Elena A. Akhramieieva yoga-therapist, the President of the Ukrainian Institute of Yoga and Yoga-Therapy,

Olga P. Golovnya, yoga-therapist, the 1st category cardiologist



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Bhastrika. The Effects and Mechanisms of Health Improvement. Part 3. Practical Recommendations.

In the previous section I wrote that the facilities established while doing Bhastrika prevent formation of gas traps in the lungs.

It should be noted that it shall be possible ONLY in case of correct muscular effort.

What should it be?

1. By inhale it is the diaphragm without participation of the chest muscles that should be involved.
2. The muscular impulse should initiate the exhalation; its further performance is contraindicated.

Let us sort out the details. (далее…)

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