New Category «Yoga and Science»

Philosophy takes its origin from «philosophical wonder»

Science is neither the Eternal Truth nor the Community of Bearded and Grey-haired elders, as ancient as the universe itself, who are keeping the knowledge in custody.
Science is not a Dogma. It is not a synonym of something Secret that happens behind closed cabinet doors.
Science is a keen desire for cognition of the world that you come across every day.
Science begins with one’s wonder. With the questions «why?» or «how it works?»
It begins with one’s sincere interest and yearning for penetration deep into things that seem to be “common”.
The arising wonder is not abstract: it concerns the mysteries of the world that we live in. And it is always active: if you are captivated by a question, you’re trying to find an answer.
In scope of science in order to find answers to the questions under concern they set up experiments.
We are deeply captivated by Yoga and Man, by the things happening to the man and his body in asanas, pranayamas, mudras, etc. Therefore, we perform experiments. We explore our body. We try to find answers to questions that arise in terms of our daily practice.
In scope of performing experiments we have accumulated some interesting observations. That is why we have decided to launch a new site category «Yoga and Science». It is here that we plan to publish the results of our searching.
We hope that our research can help to see Yoga in a more profound way. Help to apply in a more proper and conscious way the practices that are available in scope of Yoga today.
And one more thing.
Yoga is a creative work. It is a creative work done by a person dedicated to this person’s own advance. Both yoga and creative work begin with one’s amazement resulted from touching something unknown. Something that is bigger and wiser than one’s views about the world around. The recollection about this touch is one of the most striking experiences that makes one ask questions and search for non-standard answers.
This is what brings Yoga, Creativity and Science close together.
And it is this feature that makes creative work, yoga and science impossible within rigid dogmas and the only true regulations uttered by reputable people.
We hope that the new site category that we launch will encourage our readers to start their independent search and to be creative in their individual practice of Yoga. And, perhaps, will enable them to experience that «primacy» of knowledge that turns yoga into Yoga, and turns the experience of a practicing person into something priceless.



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