Awareness as the Earnest of Success in Treating Osteochondrosis


The continuity of scientific thought is really interesting: some research works that have been performed and as if appeared to be fruitless encourage us to new ideas, and some of the received results are just waiting for their correct interpretation.


It was yet in 1970ies that they performed electromyographic research of myofascial trigger points – the sections of muscular poroma accompanying the phenomenon of spine osteochondrosis (Ya. Yu. Popelyansky, E. S. Zaslavsky, V. P. Veselovsky, 1976). These studies have shown that the muscular tissue of the trigger zone is characterized by increased excitability: the action potentials within it are long, they make up few minutes if compared with 3-4 m/s of those occurring in healthy tissue; it is characterized by short high-frequency and polyphase waves, tremble-like activity. In particular such observations indicate the chaotic mode of the muscle management and absence of coherent neural regulation.


But another fact that is even more interesting is that any involuntary muscle strain or stretch invoked by the experiment led to further increase of the muscle tissue activity. While the action performed arbitrary and self-consciously caused the reduction of excessive activity.

In this way we may see that in scope of treating osteochondrosis the action that is done consciously comes as a therapeutic one in itself. (To learn more about the role of self-consciousness and awareness in yoga see the books by A. G. Safronov: “Yoga: Physiology, Psychosomatics, Bioenergetics”, “Psycho-practices in Mystical Traditions: from the Antiquity to the Present”). And the asanas used in Yoga-therapy cope with this task rather successfully.

You can find more details about the said mechanisms of asanas here.

And when coming to the yoga-therapy classes you can come in touch with the healing effect of asanas and pranayamas.


Elena Akhramieieva

Yoga Instructor







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